Roadmap for 2015-16

With every decision and update, we’re committed to making VoiceThreading easier, more versatile, and more powerful.  We want to share with you how far we’ve come and where we’re headed in 2015-16.    School Year in Review   New VoiceThread  We redesigned VoiceThread, top to bottom.  It’s simpler, faster, and more deeply integrated.  We included … Continued

Beat the next snow day

When Matthew Phillips, a business instructor from Wake Forest University, learned one morning that his evening class would be canceled, he turned to VoiceThread as a “just-in-time solution” to hold class anyway. Even though he’d never done it before, he quickly created a VoiceThread, tweeted the link to his students, and then actively participated with … Continued

VT Update: Comment Moderation

If you have an Ed.VoiceThread license and have opted to allow anyone to view it in the past, you know that Comment Moderation was enabled for you automatically.  After receiving your feedback about the needs of students and teachers, we have updated that policy. Now, Comment Moderation will not be enabled automatically if you choose … Continued

iOS App Updates – Version 2.0

This update to the VoiceThread iOS Mobile App includes exciting new features and enhancements. VoiceThreading on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch has never been better! Watch the video above and leave a comment to tell us what you think! Simplified navigation Tabs have been reorganized and reduced to allow simpler navigation to the parts … Continued

Google Apps and LTI Integration

Organizations that integrate with VoiceThread experience as much as 5 times the use and spend 1/5th the resources on support and training as organizations that do not integrate. Simply put, seamless integration is the key to effective use of technology in education. Our integration toolset is now more advanced than ever. Earlier this year, we … Continued

New Developments and Account Changes

VoiceThread has one of the most diverse populations of users of any communications tool in the world. Voice? Text? Video? All of these options are available within the same conversation, each person choosing for themselves the best method to participate. This diversity is by design. We want people to participate in the way that works … Continued